JCE strives to give choreographers and dancers the chance to learn about the many styles of jazz dance by holding workshops and master classes. Since February 2008 we have held workshops in theater dance, partnering, lyrical/contemporary jazz, and ballet for jazz dancers, which have been taught by choreographers Tracie Stanfield, Vic DiMonda, and Alan Spaulding. We plan to hold several workshops every year featuring various styles of jazz and choreography.

Next Workshops:

Thursday, July 1, 2021, from 12:30-1:45 p.m. (EDT)
JCE Pop-Up Class: Theater Jazz with Lisa Biagini!



Past Workshops:

Pop-Up Class: Simonson Technique with Teresa Perez Ceccon!

Pop-Up Class: Latin Fusion with Ashlé Dawson!

Pop-Up Class with Liz Picini

Yoga Class – Jim Phillips

Theater Jazz 2– Danielle Diniz

Theater Jazz – Danielle Diniz

Simonson Technique – Teresa Perez Ceccon

Betsy Haug Technique – Gail Pearson

Jack Cole Technique – Ed Kresley

Matt Mattox Freestyle Jazz Dance – Bob Boross

ModHopJazz – Cat Manturuk

Musical Theatre – Crystal Chapman

Master Class – Bpb Boross

Jazz Dance – Sue Samuels


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