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Press reviews:

Kristen Hedberg writes about the October 2023 JCE Jazz Dance Project: “The October 2023 JCE Jazz Dance Project was an exciting concert, offering jazz dance in a variety of styles. JCE continually carries its mission forward of bringing many forms of jazz dance to New York City and offering a strong platform for creators and artists to show their work.” – Read more

Kristen Hedberg writes about the April 2023 JCE Jazz Dance Project: “The JCE Jazz Dance Project was an exciting performance of fourteen worlds. Although Jazz takes on many meanings and histories, this performance displayed that Jazz also takes on many futures.” – Read more

Gabrielle DiNizo writes about the October 2022 JCE Jazz Dance Project: “The packed crowd saw more than just the classic jazz hands, kick-ball-change, hinge, and Charleston—a testament to JCE’s mission of bringing the richness of jazz dance back to the people. From Classic to Contemporary Jazz, from Swing Dance to Afro-Jazz, this program had something for everyone to enjoy. Its diversity allowed each individual in the audience to find something new.” – Read more

Rachel Ha-Eun Lee writes about the April 2022 JCE Jazz Dance Project: “Jazz Choreography Enterprise’s Spring 2022 Jazz Dance Project was the perfect way to celebrate the organization’s 15th-anniversary. After two years of virtual shows, Jazz Choreography Enterprises was back: in-person and better than ever. Ranging in dance genres and highlighting choreographers of all ages, including Kayhla Lewis at just 17 years old, the show reflected the breadth and heart of the organization.” – Read more

The April 2022 JCE Jazz Dance Project was featured in the March 7th edition of Broadway World: “Since 2007, Artistic Directors Marian Hyun and Merete Muenter have presented 149 emerging and established choreographers and 1109 dancers from the U.S., Japan, South Africa, and Europe. Not only has JCE supported jazz choreographers over the past 15 years, but they have worked to make jazz dance education accessible for people of all levels and ages.” – Read more

“This fall’s program often embraced a pure, classic jazz aesthetic while pushing the form forward, with numbers that fused more traditional movements with contemporary style.” Alison Durkee on the October 2019 show – Read more

“JCE knows how to bring the power and versatility of jazz dance to a stage…it continues to explore different ways of producing a show that keeps its audience engaged, entertained and always in search of what is next to come.” Dominique Robinson on the October 2019 show – Read more


“Though jazz dance is all too rarely shown on the concert dance stage, JCE’s programming goes beyond jazz hands to show off just how much the art form has to offer.” Alison Durkee on the April 2019 show – Read more


“The JCE Jazz Dance Project returned this October to once again put jazz dance back in the spotlight, presenting a program of varied pieces that showcased the full potential of this diverse and rich dance form.” Alison Durkee on the October 2018 show – Read more


“The JCE Jazz Dance Project was back in full form for their October showcase last weekend, presenting fun and thought-provoking pieces by new and rising-talent choreographers. From swing and classical jazz, to ballet and even grooving, the sixty-minute evening was filled with energy, and the talent in the room was undeniable.” Emily Bennett on the October 2018 show – Read more


“With everything from Charleston to hip hop, this was a fantastic variety of styles from extremely talented choreographers and dancers. It was an afternoon that left me giddy and excited to see where these artists will take jazz in the future.” Emily Bennet on the April 2018 show – Read more


“Jazz Choreography Enterprises continues to curate shows that preserve the legacy of Jazz dance, supporting choreographers and performers to continue expanding and sharing their story.” Dominique Robinson on the April 2018 show – Read more


“If you didn’t have the distinct pleasure of seeing this year’s performance I urge you to make a note in your calendar for next season’s choreography project. It’s a celebration not to be missed!” Ninoshka De Leon Gill on the April 2018 show – Read more


The April 2018 show was promoted in broadwayworld.comRead more


“Artistic Directors Marian Hyun and Merete Muenter of Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc. brought fourteen pieces to explosive life on October the 28th. The jazz idiom stood proud… ” Sam Robbins of paperdances.com writes on the October 2017 show – Read more


“…the evening was an inspiring showcase illustrating the full breadth of jazz dance styles. ” Alison Durkee on the October 2017 show – Read more


“All in all, Jazz is a category of dance with many different attributes, and the New York Jazz Choreography Project … was successful in representing a wide range of what jazz dance has to offer. The show itself was full of life, and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by the talent showcased.” Jordan Ryder on the October 2017 show – Read more


“Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc., continues to push the boundaries of Jazz dance, bringing to the stage works that pull from ‘Jass’ in its vernacular, Jazz codified, and Contemporary Jazz; a fusion of styles, music and ethnic influence. The compilation of Jazz pieces shown at the 10th anniversary NYJCP performance, has delightfully and proudly represented a variety of styles, offering a platform for more to be celebrated in the years to come.” Dominique Robinson on the April 2017 show – Read more


The October 2016 show is mentioned in The Barretender: “…jazz dance all too rarely gets its own chance to shine, with pieces usually taking place within the context of larger Broadway shows or other theatrical works. This October, however, will give these jazzy artists the spotlight, as the jazz-dedicated nonprofit Jazz Choreography Enterprises, Inc. brings their next New York Jazz Choreography Project production to the stage.”


Dominique Robinson writes about the October 2016 show: “The New York Jazz Choreography Project included a spectrum of jazz dance styles. Some brought a nostalgic presence with the classics while others infused various styles to form theatrical and contemporary works. Choreographers shared clean, well-rehearsed compositions filled with theatrics, strength, technique, and abstract anecdotes. Jazz dance, conceived of personal expression and response, makes it a form that is freeing and open to interpretation, a detail quite familiar in the diversity of JCE’s jazz dance showcase.” Read more


Rachel Rizzuto from Dance Teacher writes about the Jazz Choreography workshop with Bob Boross in the article “Bob Boross: How I Teach Matt Mattox Freestyle Jazz.” Read the articleDownload PDF


Marsha Volgyi writes about the April 2016 show in Broadway World: “Each piece of the evening was a joy… All of what the NYJCP coordinated that evening was an evolution of jazz.” Read the full reviewDownload pdf


Barbara Angeline writes about the October 2015 show in Academia: “If you saw this concert, you would be reassured that jazz dance is alive and kicking!…The performers’ technical ability was exceptional, but I was particularly impressed with their expertise in bottling up the inner tension – so foundational to jazz dance – and meting out doses according to the intent of the piece.” Read the full review


Alison Durkee writes about the October 2015 show in Critical Dance: “…the variety of works onstage at the New York Jazz Choreography Project made for an entertaining and enlightening program, demonstrating what jazz dancing both has been and can be. With ballet and modern often receiving the bulk of attention when it comes to concert dance, Jazz Choreography Enterprises reminds us that jazz, too, is a style worthy of the spotlight.” Read the full review


Nicholas Goodly of exploredance.com writes about the April 2015 showcase: “… all the performers in the program showed a passion and love for the language of jazz dance, and that message was received loud and clear.” Read more


Beth Schmid writes about the October 2014 project: “The show featured three standouts. Each piece displayed distinct form and pace and the dancers were of varying ages.” … read more


On April 12, 2014 on exploredance.com, Jamie Townsend writes: “The great George Balanchine once said ‘dancers are instruments, like a piano the choreographer plays.’ If he’s correct then Jazz Choreography Enterprises’ New York Jazz Choreography Project performance on Saturday, April 12 at Peridance Capezio Center’s Salvatore Capezio Theater was a concert of epic proportions.” … read more


The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) writes about the February 9th  perfomance at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in their blog: “… it was well attended and enthusiastically received by the audience members.”… read article


Emily Goldman writes: “New York Jazz Choreography Project presented by Jazz Choreography Enterprises, was a scrambled timeline of Jazz dance. The night kept us at our peak, not knowing what or who would step out of the wings next…. Virtuosity and variety reigned as every choreographer provided a new experience.”… download full article


JCE gives a world-wide perspective on how ‘Jazz’ is seen, taught, and thought of in different countries in The Dance Enthusiast [October 2012] … read more / download pdf


In a May 2012 post in Dossier Journal, Jennifer Dwoskin wrote about the April 2012 dance concert:

“It’s easy to associate jazz with its heyday in the roaring ’20s, the brass rhythms of speakeasies and the knocking knees of flappers. But jazz didn’t die with the 21st Amendment. It is alive and well today—it’s ever evolving. As Billy Crystal, whose family founded the jazz label Commodore Records, once said: “The thing about jazz is it’s free flowing; it comes from your soul.” And that’s evident in all 12 pieces of The New York Jazz Choreography Project.” … download pdf


In her blog, Elena Vazintaris wrote about the November 2010 performance: “Inventive, funny and well executed, the concept was so simple yet packed such a punch.” … read more


Anne Mercurio writes: “The work is a fully visual experience … clean, decisive, fully engaged and committed … chock full of satisfying kicks, turns and jumps … the joys of dancing are clear, and the reasons we continue doing it were on stage for all to see.”… download full article


Jennifer Dwoskin reviewed our November 2010 dance concert in Dossier Journal: “The Project is a showcase of fourteen distinct dances, ranging in style from the classic to the futuristic—the predictable to the unexpected … pieces which feature choreographers and performers of various generations, cultures and levels of experience … download pdf


In the January 2010 issue of JazzPulsions, Bob Boross wrote: “A bright spot in jazz dance performance is the group Jazz Choreography Enterprises, headed by president Marian Hyun. For the last few years this non-profit organization has been producing semiannual jazz dance showcase concerts at the New Dance Group Arts Center. Now that NDG has closed, their next concert is scheduled for mid-November 2009 at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. Hyun echoed the lament about dance critic’s perception of jazz dance, saying, ‘I have the feeling dance critics do not think of jazz as having as much artistic merit as ballet or modern, or even tap dance, but since so little jazz is actually presented and reviewed, it’s hard to say.’ When pressed about the lack of fully producing jazz companies, she added, ‘I think jazz dance companies might have a difficult time finding an audience because of the lack of knowledge about jazz dance and the perception among some that it is hopelessly old fashioned. And in a city like New York, where seeing the newest and most exciting art is a goal of many, jazz doesn’t create the kind of interest and excitement that contemporary and hip-hop does.” … If you would like to read the full article, please go to Bob’s website: www.bobboross.com


Bob Boross reviewed our November 2008 dance concert in his Jazz Dance E-News … download pdf. For more information, please go to www.bobboross.com.




Marian Hyun is interviewed by Dance Spirit e-news: “We caught up with Marian Hyun, the project’s co-director, to learn more about the show and to get her take on the ever-changing world of jazz dance.” … read more


Artistic directors Marian Hyun and Merete Muenter and choreographers Bob Boross, Joyce King, and roberta mathes were interviewed by Ashani Mfuko, host of “Inside New York City Dance” on MNN4. … view clip


“I fully support Jazz Choreography Enterprises and their mission to preserve and nurture the art of jazz dance. Their productions are beautifully organized and display an impressive quality of choreographers and dancers at every performance. This organization represents the art of jazz dance with a passion that is needed and also necessary in order to keep jazz dance alive and visible to present and future audiences.”
Baayork Lee

Director/Choreographer, November 2012

“We both loved the performance; it was far too much fun! We walked out of there totally energized; we had to WALK home. Thank you for letting us know about it. Can’t wait for the next one.”
Vivek Bandhu

November 2009

“Congratulations and thank you for inviting me to enjoy your wonderful endeavors. It is great to see you supporting the jazz idiom and I look forward to see choreographers develop and continue over time.”
Renata Celichowska

Director, 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center, May 2008

“I totally loved the show. Every performance was outstanding, and there was not a weak link. It almost made me want to take up dancing. Count me in for November.”
Danny O’Gallagher

May 2008

“I thought every dance was so well done, upbeat and crisp…really inspirational for one not often drawn to dance.”
Jim Christerson

May 2007

“JCE is so supportive to choreographer’s/dancer’s growth and working to offer opportunities at venues that will present our work in the best possible way. Dance can be a very competitive world and JCE has developed an organization that has opened up more possibilities for artists within an environment where we can bring our creativity freely to the stage.”
Joyce King

October 2012

“It was such a pleasure presenting work in the NY Jazz Choreography Project. The production is always run in a smooth, organized, professional manner, making it easy to invite industry colleagues and friends. And the audience is enthusiastic, making it a terrific venue to try out new choreographic ideas and discover what works.”
Arron Racheal Masters

June 2008

“What a great way to showcase pieces in New York City. By being a part of the NY Jazz Choreography Project showing I am proud to have choreographed a number that I only thought might be received well. This organization gave me a chance to see that I was correct..”
Francis J. Roach

June 2008

“I really enjoyed Bob Boross’s class at DANY Studios last month! It was such a privilege to have a free class of that caliber offered here in the city. I think it is very relevent to where we are in the world of contemporary dance training. It lends a great amount of variety to the dancers’ training and thusly maximizes their performance abilities.”
Lauren Ashlee Small

November 2012

“Alan Spaulding’s partnering class is a rare opportunity. It inspired the partner work in my latest piece for NYJCP, and gave me the know-how to pull it off. Thanks, Alan!”
Christopher Liddell

June 2008

“The theatre dance workshop I attended gave me new ideas and perspective on some great strength and technique exercises; it was a perfect dancer’s workout.”
John-Paul Nardecchia

June 2008

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