Jazz Choreography Enterprises celebrates the great American art of jazz dance.

Through our performances of original jazz choreography and our educational programs

we bring jazz dance to artists, audiences, and students to keep it thriving in our community.


We’re sad to announce that we’ve decided to cancel our performances of the JCE Jazz Dance Project in October. We’re disappointed we won’t be able to present the Jazz Project to you this year because of the uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, but our highest priority is the safety of our artists and audiences. We’ve tentatively scheduled our next performances for April 2021. We hope you’ll check back to see our JCE Replays and stay in touch on social media.


Save the Date!
Jazz Dance: Show & Tell Benefit

Sunday, November 8, 7 pm (EDT) on Zoom

We’re presenting a mix of jazz dance pieces from the JCE Jazz Dance Project, interviews with the choreographers, and some insight into who and what make JCE tick!



Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re not able to present the JCE Jazz Dance Project in 2020, so we thought we’d do the next best thing. We’ll show pieces from past productions so you can revisit some wonderful work by our talented artists. Every two weeks we’ll present a different video so you can see the variety and richness of jazz dance. We hope you stay safe and look forward to the day when we can present live performances to you again.
“Blackbird” choreographed by Sue Samuels. Videographer: Anthony Bellov

“Blackbird” was choreographed by Sue Samuels, Artistic Director of Jazz Roots Dance. It was presented in the April 2016 JCE Jazz Dance Project.

Marsha Volgyi wrote about the piece in a “Broadway World” Dance Review: “Laura Stecher as the Blackbird never touched the ground. She was accompanied and supported by the dancers. Each one not only held Ms. Stecher aloft yet also danced jazz with grace. The supporting dancers caught her in a choreographed catch and also in a dolphin-like ripple effect that continuously travelled across the space. I attribute this ingenuity to its choreographer, Sue Samuels.”

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All in all, Jazz is a category of dance with many different attributes, and the New York Jazz Choreography Project ... was successful in representing a wide range of what jazz dance has to offer. The show itself was full of life, and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by the talent showcased.

Jordan Ryder

Each piece of the evening was a joy…All of what the NYJCP coordinated that evening was an evolution of jazz.

Marsha Volgyi

If you saw this concert, you would be reassured that jazz dance is alive and kicking…

Barbara Angeline

…all the performers in the program showed a passion and love for the language of jazz dance, and that message was received loud and clear.

Nicholas Goodly

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