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Classicism and Malleability: A Review of the JCE Jazz Dance Project, October 2019

The JCE Jazz Dance Project returned once again this October, as dancers and choreographers came together to showcase jazz dance in all its forms. The evening showcased both jazz dance’s classicism and malleability, as choreographers embodied jazz’s past while using its language to create styles all their own.


Gail Pearson Teaches a Betsy Haug Style Class

JCE will sponsor a class on Betsy Haug’s distinctive jazz dance style taught by Gail Pearson. Her style incorporated a great deal of syncopation, reflecting her love of the dancing of Fred Astaire, Henry LeTang, and others in the great world of tap.

An Interview with JCE Co-Artistic Director Merete Muenter

Choreographer Merete Muenter’s piece, “Eleanor,” will be presented in the JCE Jazz Dance Project on April 27-28, 2019. She has been nominated for a Chita Rivera Award and is the Assistant Choreographer for the Off-Broadway production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Skye Mattox: Following Family Tradition on Broadway and Film

Skye Mattox is a Broadway performer who has appeared in shows like Carousel, West Side Story, and On The Town. She was a dancer throughout the second season of the NBC TV series SMASH, and is also a dance teacher and the granddaughter of storied jazz choreographer Matt Mattox.

Putting Jazz Dance Back in the Spotlight

The JCE Jazz Dance Project returned this October to once again put jazz dance back in the spotlight, presenting a program of varied pieces that showcased the full potential of this diverse and rich dance form.

JCE Choreographers Talk Back to Eileen Kielty

On Sunday October 28th, Jazz Choreography Enterprises held a talkback following the second show of its fall performance of the JCE Jazz Dance Project. Ten choreographers stayed after the performance to answer questions and provide some insight into their work and creative processes.

A Wonderful Celebration of All That Jazz Is

The JCE Jazz Dance Project was back in full form for their October showcase last weekend, presenting fun and thought-provoking pieces by new and rising-talent choreographers. From swing and classical jazz, to ballet and even grooving, the sixty-minute evening was filled with energy, and the talent in the room was undeniable.

Magazine Editors:

Josh Harris and Marian Hyun

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