Jazz Choreography Enterprises celebrates the great American art of jazz dance.

Through our performances of original jazz choreography and our educational programs

we bring jazz dance to artists, audiences, and students to keep it thriving in our community.


The JCE Jazz Dance Project

Saturday, October 27, 8:00 pm
Sunday, October 28, 4:00 pm

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An interview with Jazz Project dancer Mikki Shoji

Mikki Shoji is a dancer for DoubleTake Dance and has performed in JCE performances three times between 2015 and 2018. A native of Japan, she has been training and performing in the United States for several years. Today she shares some insights into her personal experiences, why she enjoys dance, and how dance culture differs between the United States and Japan.


Vanessa Martinez de Baños and Ashley Carter

Jazz Choreography Enterprises proudly sponsored Vanessa Martinez de Baños and Ashley Carter as JCE Ambassadors when they taught their classes at Jazz Dance Festival Barcelona. Vanessa and Ashley also spoke at a panel at the Festival where they discussed JCE’s role in jazz dance in New York City.

Vanessa Martinez de Baños and Ashley Carter
City Guide NY
Broadway World


The upcoming April show is featured in Broadway World magazine and City Guide NY.

“Although ballet and modern dance typically get the spotlight in the concert dance world, jazz dance will get its due as the New York Jazz Choreography Project returns on April 28-29.”

Do you want to be a choreographer in the next JCE Jazz Dance Project?

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All in all, Jazz is a category of dance with many different attributes, and the New York Jazz Choreography Project ... was successful in representing a wide range of what jazz dance has to offer. The show itself was full of life, and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by the talent showcased.

Jordan Ryder

Each piece of the evening was a joy…All of what the NYJCP coordinated that evening was an evolution of jazz.

Marsha Volgyi

If you saw this concert, you would be reassured that jazz dance is alive and kicking…

Barbara Angeline

…all the performers in the program showed a passion and love for the language of jazz dance, and that message was received loud and clear.

Nicholas Goodly



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