Jazz Choreography Enterprises celebrates the great American art of jazz dance.

Through our performances of original jazz choreography and our educational programs

we bring jazz dance to artists, audiences, and students to keep it thriving in our community.



We hope this message finds you well. Owing to coronavirus concerns, we have postponed Sharlane Conner’s Latin fusion class and canceled the April 18-19 performances of the JCE Jazz Dance Project. If you bought tickets for the performances, you can get a refund, or you can make your ticket purchase a donation to Jazz Choreography Enterprises. We’re working with Brown Paper Tickets to set up the refunds. For more information, you can contact info@jazzchoreography.com. We plan to reschedule the Latin fusion class when we’re able to do so. Our next performances will be on October 24-25, and we hope to see you there. Stay safe and healthy!

Cat Manturuk


Jaime Shannon & Tony Fraser

Swing partners Jaime Shannon and Tony Fraser will be performing the song “Cottontail,” a famous jazz standard originally by Duke Ellington in October’s JCE Jazz Dance Project. Sharlane Conner chats with the pair about their inspirations and swing dance in NYC.


Classicism and Malleability: A Review of the JCE Jazz Dance Project, October 2019

“This fall’s program often embraced a pure, classic jazz aesthetic while pushing the form forward, with numbers that fused more traditional movements with contemporary style.” Alison Durkee writes about the October 2019 JCE Jazz Dance Project.


Creating Opportunities to Dance: An Interview with Choreographer Spencer Pond

Josh Harris interviews choreographer Spencer Pond, who will be performing his piece “Good Judys,” at the October 26th JCE Jazz Dance Project.


A Signature Experience in Jazz Dance for Quinnipiac Students

On October 12th, Melissa A. Kaplan, Interim Director of the Honors Program at Quinnipiac University, and 18 Honors Program students attended a jazz dance class and lecture taught by JCE Artistic Director Marian Hyun, who was assisted by Junior Board Member Nicole Padilla. The students were mostly beginners with only a few of them having previous dance experience. 

Cat Manturuk


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The Power and Versatility of Jazz Dance: A Review of the JCE Jazz Dance Project on October 26, 2019


Dominique Robinson writes about the recent October 2019 jazz project:

“JCE knows how to bring the power and versatility of jazz dance to a stage…it continues to explore different ways of producing a show that keeps its audience engaged, entertained and always in search of what is next to come.”



All in all, Jazz is a category of dance with many different attributes, and the New York Jazz Choreography Project ... was successful in representing a wide range of what jazz dance has to offer. The show itself was full of life, and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by the talent showcased.

Jordan Ryder

Each piece of the evening was a joy…All of what the NYJCP coordinated that evening was an evolution of jazz.

Marsha Volgyi

If you saw this concert, you would be reassured that jazz dance is alive and kicking…

Barbara Angeline

…all the performers in the program showed a passion and love for the language of jazz dance, and that message was received loud and clear.

Nicholas Goodly



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